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EXHIBITION “Fair Of Wonders”

To highlight role of Social Science in today’s society and to develop our students to visualize the future of the nation and to create sensitive and responsible citizen, the social science department of Saraswathi Vidyalaya organised an EXHIBITION “Fair Of Wonders” on 13th December 2018. The exhibition was inaugurated by Principal, Saraswathi Vidyalaya, Mrs.Shylaja O R. The expo, true to its name, opened door to a wide range of exhibits triggering inquisitive minds, igniting their imagination, awakening their curiosity, exploring various realms of creativity and opening the door way to knowledge. Various charts, still models and working models that are put on display are related to the field of social science and includes subject like EVS, History, Civics and Geography. There are models and charts depicting life right from stone age to the age of communication and information technology. One can find various beautiful and intricate models such as Taj Mahal, Quran Minar, Red Fort, India Gate, Gate Way Of India, Eiffel Tower and the model of Secretariat as well among the others. It also showcased realistic models of our world and world beyond. Some of the models showcase the Earth’s structure while others focuses on the topographical features of our planet.