Principal's Message


We are really proud that our school is named after Goddess Saraswathi – an epitome of learning and wisdom. We believe in the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “Intelligence plus character that is the true goal of education”.

Its our firm belief that every individual is unique and has an element of divinity in him/her. A successful school is one which provides the right ambience and triggers imagination spread through curriculum to touch, to identify, to tap this incredible fragile flame burning deep in every student.

We aim to mould a human being keeping in mind the technological advances in society and to ensure that our students imbibe moral, spiritual and aesthetic values besides academic excellence as we are witnessing tremendous value crisis throughout the world today. Though it’s a daunting task we provide innumerable opportunities to nudge this latent talent in every child through an array of activities be it arts, sports or literature.

We strive hard to impart the values of our great civilization in our younger generation, so that the citizens of tomorrow are moulded with the wisdom of the past, the reality of the present and the challenges of the future.

The success of this Vidyalaya is because of a team of motivating Management, dedicated staff, supportive parents, enthusiastic students and above all the blessing of the Almighty.